Jitters Miir 12 oz 360 Traveler: The Perfect Mug for Any Occasion


16 oz travelers mug by Miir Thermo3D technology. Stays cold and keeps hot. Leakproof. Insulated. One click away from 360-degree sipping. Hardshell powder coat safe, durable, and classy. BPA free.

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The Miir 12 oz 360 Traveler is more than just a mug. It’s a versatile and convenient companion that lets you enjoy your favorite drinks anytime, anywhere. Whether you need a hot coffee in the morning, a cold water in the afternoon, or a cozy tea in the evening, the Miir 12 oz 360 Traveler has you covered. It features a Thermo3D technology that keeps your drinks hot or cold for hours, a leakproof and insulated design that prevents spills and maintains the temperature, and a one-click lid that gives you 360-degree access to your drink. Plus, it’s made from durable and safe materials, with a hardshell powder coat finish that adds style and protection, and a BPA-free interior that preserves the taste and quality of your beverages. And the best part? Every purchase supports Miir’s mission to empower people and communities through clean water, education, and bicycles. With the Miir 12 oz 360 Traveler, you’re not only getting a great mug, but also making a difference in the world. To learn more about Miir’s generosity and warranty, visit Miir.com/warranty. Order your Miir 12 oz 360 Traveler today and discover the perfect mug for any occasion.

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