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25th Anniversary Blend


A blend of French, Brazil, and Sumatra.  Its tasting notes are toffee, dark chocolate, leather and almonds.

Jitters Eagle River Blend


This is our first collaboration with Kaladi Brothers from back in the day!  Our customers like it strong, so this is what we gave them.  It’s a blend of Kenyan, Sumatran, and Mexican Dark roast.  It’s tasting notes are fruity, yet leaves a strong bite in the finish

Red Goat Blend


Developed originally as a lighter espresso alternative to the KBC Trieste Blend, it also turned out to produce a solid brewed coffee. It has tasting notes of molasses, winey, chocolate, and nutty.

Kaladi Brothers Coffee


This is Kaladi Brothers’ first blend, hence our namesake. Not too dark and not too light, this is a solid blend for a beginner and experienced drinker alike.  A medium acidity and body make this a balanced cup. It has tasting noted are nutty and bittersweet chocolate.